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Last Updated: Aug 11, 2015 03:36PM EDT
Selling on is extremely simple. First, make sure you register for an account. It's quick and it's free.

You can register for a new account by simply clicking the 'Register' button at the top of our homepage. If you already have an account with, please sign into your account before listing an item.

Click on the “Sell Your Item” link at the top of the page to get started.

For the first step, enter some general information about your item. Also, choose which listing type you want:
1.     Full Listing: This option allows you to list your item using the full suite of listing tools we offer sellers.

2.     Quick Listing: If you're in a hurry to get your item online, or don't want to mess with some of the more detailed options, select Quick Listing.

3.     Buy It Now Item: Choose this option if you want to list your item for a specific price ONLY.  Buyers will not be able to bid on a Buy It Now Item, they can only purchase it outright for the price you list it for.
Next, enter a title for your listing. Be sure to be as descriptive as possible, so people can find your listing when they search. Also, please enter a detailed description of what you're selling, including the condition of the item, important aspects, any additional accessories it might come with, etc.

Choose which category your item belongs in. This is how buyers will find your item when browsing the website. Then, enter some additional attributes such as the type of item, the manufacturer, model number, and any other defining characteristics.

In this step, you'll determine the specifics of your listing:
1.     Auction Starts At: This is the amount of money your item will be listed for initially. Anyone bidding will have to bid higher than this amount.

2.     Enable Reserve: By checking this box and entering a “Reserve” amount, your item won't sell unless the winning bid is more than or equal to the reserve price.

3.     Enable Buy It Now Price: By checking this box and entering a “Buy It Now” price, any bidder can immediately buy your item by paying you this amount.

4.     Premium Options: When creating your auction, you have the option to select our Standard Listing (including all options to successfully list your item), or our Premium Package. With the Premium Package, your auction will be highlighted, with a BOLD title when customers search for items relevant to your auction. Additionally, you can add a subtitle to your item and schedule your auction to start at a time in the future. Your auction will also be featured on our homepage and in your item's category

5.     Start Time: By default, all auctions begin as soon as you complete the listing process. If you want, you can choose to have your auction begin at a later time or date.

6.     End Time: This is how long your auction will last for, and how long buyers will have to bid on your item.

7.     Private Auction: By selecting this option, the names of all bidders will be hidden to the public. Only you will be able to see the names of those bidding on your item.

8.     Images: Here is where you upload pictures of the item you are selling. Select “Choose File” to find the picture on your computer, then click “Upload” to put it in your listing. You can choose up to 4 pictures for free.

9.     Media: If you have a video to add to your item listing, you can add it here. Select “Choose File” to find it on your computer and “Upload” it, or enter the URL code in the “Add Embedded Code” box if you want to use a video from a streaming site like YouTube or Vimeo.

10.   Enable Auto Relist: By selecting this option, your listing will automatically renew if there is not a highest bidder or if your Reserve Price is not met.

11.   Auto Relist If Sold: By selecting this option, your listing will automatically renew even if it was sold. This is handy if you have multiples of the same item that you want to sell.

12.   Number Of Auto Relists: This is how many times your listing will renew automatically.

13.   Location: Enter your country, city, and state here. This will help determine shipping charges later on.

Here we'll enter the shipping and payment details
1.     Shipping Conditions: Choose whether you are going to pay for shipping or if the buyer has to pay for shipping.

2.     Postage: You can enter a flat rate shipping charge here if you want. If you leave this box blank, shipping will be noted as “FREE” in your listing, or it will have to be assessed using ShipMyGun in a later step.

3.     Insurance: Enter the cost to insure this item for shipping. Leaving this box blank will omit shipping insurance as an option for the buyer.

4.     Shipping & Payment Details: Enter any additional details that are important, such as whether the item requires an FFL dealer, your return policy, how long the winning buyer has to pay, etc.

5.     Shipping Method: Choose whether you are going to use the ShipMyGun service to facilitate the shipment of your item or if you are going to handle shipping afterwards on your own.

6.     Payment: Select which payment options you are offering bidders. Payments will be settled between you and the buyer once an auction has ended.

Finally, be sure to look over your auction to make sure it is correct. Make any changes or edits by clicking the “Previous Step” button, or click “List Now” to publish your listing.  If you select “Save As Draft,” your listing won't be published. However, it will be saved so you can come back to it at a later time.

Your item is now listed online for buyers to bid on! To view your auction, click My Account at the top of the page.

You're now looking at your account page. At the bottom you will see your most recent listings at a glance, including the one you just listed. To see a list of all your auctions in further detail, click “Open Auctions.”

To see that particular auction in its entirety, just click on its picture, auction ID, or title.

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