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Shipping an Item

Last Updated: May 21, 2015 04:05PM EDT
Shipping a gun isn't as complicated as it might sound. Sure, there are regulations you need to be aware of, but there is an incredibly simple solution: ShipMyGun. With this service, all the guesswork and liability is taken out of the process, leaving you to only worry about selling. Click this link here to check out and see how easy it is to ship your gun across the country.

Of course, you can also handle shipping a gun on your own if you prefer. If an FFL dealer is required, be sure to use the FFL dealer designated by the buyer. If you are shipping a gun on your own, please be aware of the different stipulations put in place by the various shipping providers. Most shipping providers require specific shipping methods for certain types of firearms as well as shipment to FFL dealers only.

Once your item has been shipped, be sure to upload the tracking information for the buyer so they can track the item.

Preparing Your Shipment

Selecting the correct shipping box:

When using a box to ship a firearm, always make sure it’s in excellent condition. Try to avoid boxes with punctures, rips, tears, or external damage. If you must reuse a box from a previous shipment, you will want to make sure all previous labels have been removed entirely.

Protecting your firearm:

When shipping your firearm, make sure to wrap it in bubble wrap or another protective material. Securing this material with packing tape is also recommended. If you are including loose parts, always make sure they are secured separately. This will ensure that the firearm arrives in excellent condition.

Sealing the package:

Please secure the package so that it stays sealed during transit. There is no such thing as too much tape when sealing the top and bottom of your box. Too much is better than too little.

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